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A great online venture starts with a great domain name. Here are some of the domain names The Wizard of Wild offers. If you like a domain name, simply purchase it using one of the appropriate buttons. Once you've paid the fee, contact The Wizard of Wild to do the domain name transfer. Any questions? Call or text The Wizard of Wild at 1-702-525-2777. See the paragraph below for the complete "Terms of Sale".

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Internet Marketing

With the high cost of pay-per-click advertising, it's a good idea to look at other advertising options available. Here's an option: If you obtain a good domain name and then build a website that you are able to get to rank high in "organic" search engine results, when people visit that site, you can have a free advertising link on that site to another website of yours, that sells something.

For example: a lot of people search terms like: things to do in las vegas. If I can get my site, to rank high in "organic" search results for phrases like that, I'll get an enormous amount of free traffic to that site, which offers links to my other sites.

Terms of Sale

TERMS: Domain names are offered on an AS-IS basis with no express or implied warranties of merchantability. All sales are final. Note: prices are for the domain name only: building a website and hosting it, are not included in these prices, and are at your own expense. You can have whoever you want build and host your site. For an additional fee, The Wizard of Wild offers website design and hosting services too. Contact the The Wizard of Wild for complete details. Also note, in order for you to keep your domain name, you need to pay an annual fee to a domain name registrar. This is usually a nominal amount, but you can get exact prices for annual domain name registration, from various third-party domain name registrars. Any questions? Call The Wizard of Wild at 702-525-2777.

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